Since 2004, Garner Law Firm has been assisting Missouri families take on substantial legal challenges.

During this time, we’ve developed a reputation as a firm that gets real results for our clients, but that didn’t come about on its own. We’re proud to say that we take the time to make every client who comes through our doors feel like they’re at home, and that makes all the difference. Cultivating a relaxed atmosphere in the office allows us to better get to know those whom we serve, and that means better results when it comes to their legal issues. By then going on to tailor our legal representation to our clients’ unique needs, we can greatly increase the likelihood of them securing favorable outcomes in their legal matters.

Whether your legal issue involves a possible Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, an appeal of a denied SSDI or SSI application, an arrest for DWI or on another criminal charge, or a looming divorce or custody hearing, we have the attitude and experience you need to help resolve it. Contact Garner Law Firm today to schedule a consultation with a Joplin attorney who will do whatever is legally necessary to protect your rights and your interests. It’s an unpredictable world, but if you live in Jasper or Newton County or in one of the surrounding communities, we’ve got you covered when it comes to helping you take on legal challenges effectively and affordably. Call today to get started.

Areas of Practice


Are you receiving intimidating calls from collections agencies? Are you at risk of losing your vehicle or home because you’re behind on your payments? Under the federal bankruptcy code, families who are confronting financial instability due to overwhelming debt have the option of filing for debt relief. If your unpaid bills are keeping you up at night, contact Garner Law Firm today to speak to a knowledgeable Joplin bankruptcy attorney. After you file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, creditors will no longer be able to contact you except through the bankruptcy court and any wage garnishments or foreclosure proceedings that are underway will be stopped. After the bankruptcy process is complete, your dischargeable debt (including credit card balances, medical bills, and utility bills) will be wiped out and you’ll have a new lease on your financial life. Take action today - schedule a consultation with a skilled Missouri bankruptcy lawyer to find out more about your legal options when it comes to securing debt relief. We’ll help you evaluate your financial circumstances and determine if filing for bankruptcy is your best option. If so, we’ll get started right away in helping you do so and protect your rights and your interests at every step of the way.

SSDI and SSI Appeals

Having a Social Security Disability Insurance application denied isn’t the end of the world, although it may seem like it. As long as your application was denied for non-technical reasons, you can appeal it. The good news is that most of those applicants who see the appeals process through to the end are eventually successful in securing their benefits. Statistically, having a dedicated Social Security disability insurance attorney assist you with the appeals process makes it approximately twice as likely that your application will be accepted. The phase of the appeals process at which this effort is most likely to bear fruit is the hearing with an administrative law judge, or ALJ. During this hearing you and your Joplin SSDI lawyer will have an opportunity to make your case in person before the ALJ. By helping you prepare for this hearing, a Missouri SSDI attorney can greatly increase the chances of you having your application accepted. Remember: if you are no longer able to work because of a temporary or permanent disability of a physical or mental nature, you have the right to do everything legally possible to secure SSDI benefits for yourself. Don’t make the appeals process harder than it needs to be. Call Garner Law Firm today to schedule a consultation about your claim.

DWI and Criminal Defense

Being charged with DWI is a criminal offense. In some cases, it can be a felony. Individuals who have never been involved with the Missouri criminal justice system before may be shocked by the harsh consequences of a first-time DWI conviction, which can include expensive fines, license suspension, community service, mandatory counseling, and even time behind bars. If you have been charged with DWI, call Garner Law Firm to speak with an aggressive Joplin criminal defense attorney who has the attitude and expertise you need to beat your charges. Also, it’s important to understand that when you are arrested for DWI, your license will be automatically suspended by the Missouri Department of Motor Vehicles unless you take action immediately. We can help you recover your license after an administrative suspension by the DMV as well as address the criminal aspects of your case after your arrest. Besides handling drunk driving cases, Garner Law Firm regularly represents those accused of other misdemeanor and felony crimes including domestic violence, traffic violations, and drug crimes. Call Garner Law Firm today to speak with a fearless Missouri criminal defense attorney. We'll do everything we can to help you beat your charges or get them seriously reduced.

Divorce and Family Law

If you and your spouse want to get a divorce and are in agreement about the conditions of the divorce settlement, it can be tempting to try to handle the matter yourselves. However, filing for divorce without skilled legal representation can lead to disastrous consequences down the line. A careless omission or error now can mean big headaches later, especially when divorcing spouses’ finances are intertwined or if minor children are involved. Don’t risk compromising your future happiness by trying to cut corners now, let a dedicated Joplin divorce attorney assist you during the filing process and ensure that everything goes smoothly. Retaining an experienced divorce lawyer doesn't have to be expensive or time-consuming. It’s also the best option you have for safeguarding your family against legal uncertainties. The only way to know for sure that your divorce settlement adheres to the letter of the law is to involve a dedicated family law attorney as soon as possible. In fact, no matter what kind of domestic legal matter you’re dealing with, it’s wise to let a dedicated family law attorney help you resolve it. Contact Garner Law Firm today about your divorce, child custody, or child support issue.